In 2008, The Trans-Atlantic-Group on counter-terrorism was established under the leadership of Congresswoman Sue Myrick and EPP Group Vice-chair Jaime Mayor Oreja. The main motivation behind its founding was the evident need for the facilitation of a forum in which Members of the European Parliament, the US congress and the US senate could exchange views on current problems in policy-making against post-9/11 jihadist terrorism.



Since then, the TAG Group has been enlarging year after year both in members and in areas of interest put on discussion. The TAG gives the opportunity to backbenchers, young MEP's and Members with a specific interest on transatlantic relations to liaise with their American counterparts.


Current format

The current format includes a general analysis of the political situation in both sides of the Atlantic in legislative issues of areas of permanent interest such as security, good governance and international trade. In addition, a number of current issues interests are included in the agenda.

Mr. Rangel, the current president of EIN has as one of his main targets the strengthen of transatlantic strategical cooperation.